We all though before of painting our home as a change or
before any occasion, Sometimes even because the paint started to look old a
bit. So we consider house painting. as an option for us, Yet something always
goes wrong with the whole project or with any process within. Today we will
walk you through the needed preparations you need to go for before taking the
step of painting your house.

We recommend that you start by washing the surface that you
intend to paint especially if it will be the house exterior as this will remove
dry or dull things on the surface so it will be easier for you to go for the
next step.

Next step should be removing the old loose paint that was
previously on the surface. you can use the sharp-edged tools for this and it
will be easier for you especially if the paint is collapsing from the surface.

You need then to use “Chisel and Sand Paper” to
cover and to repair the holes in the wood or in the wall, once these repairs
are all done, You will be able to start the next step.

– Now you can go to fill in your shopping cart, Many people
and specialists now prefer the latex paints which is easy to be cleaned or
washed, later on, It is also plastic based so it will not do much hassle to you
while painting it and it will not create humidity surface issues in summer
days. Then you need to chose what will you prefer, A brush or a roller and this
is totally your choice but the roller is known of covering big areas in no time
and it is ideal for interior painting, and the brush is known for covering
holes and good for exterior painting. Some specialists prefer using both of
them, As they start with the brush and then pass the roller on the wall to
ensure perfect paint.

– Also as a part of the preparation, You need to stick a
tape at the edges of the walls that you are painting to avoid mixed paints andhouse painting
for a perfect surface.

– You need to make sure you are covering all the grounds
with the available materials you have. Plastic covers will work really good in doing this job, If you don’t have it you can use old newspapers but try as much as you can to cover the floor to avoid the hassle of cleaning it from dry paint after you finish.

– Make sure to mix the paint you will paint the walls within
a large bucket so you will be able to amend or to add anything on it later on easily, Also it is really recommended to make a small experiment with small
amount of paint and once it works you can test it on the wall to ensure you
will not make any mistakes while getting the paint ready and to be sure that
you will fix color issues if any appeared.